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Published Thursday, 31 March 2011 20:00

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I’ve heard of the Combat of Giants (also known as Battle of Giants) titles before, but never had the chance – or enough curiosity – to check them out. So when the opportunity to review the newest iteration for the 3DS showed-up, I didn’t ignore it. As I found myself controlling a majestic T-Rex (cutely named Patches) and crossed paths with an Ankylosaurus eager to fight me, I suddenly saw the potential of something really cool. Sadly, as I dwelled deeper into my Jurassic adventure, I realized that Ubisoft Quebec City either needed a few extra months of development or had no intention of pushing the envelope too much since it was “just a launch title”.

In Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D, these Cretaceous wonders are on the verge of disappearing from the face of the planet. Meanwhile, the Arkosaurus (who happens to be the most badass dinosaur to ever live) managed to free itself from the watchful eyes of the now-defunct ancient guardians. Your goal will be to pick a dinosaur, fight enemies across four different worlds and assemble a new group of guardians before having a shot at fighting the big bad ruler. In a nutshell, that’s the game. Forty five minutes of repetitive gameplay multiplied by four…game over.


However, the three hours are certainly the most entertaining hours I have had on the 3DS thus far, thanks to a fairly easy and engaging combat system. Dinosaurs 3D is all about learning your opponent’s attack pattern. Move sideways or block incoming attacks in real-time and then counter until their life bar drops for the K.O win. Once the fight is completed, follow the straight path and collect the special items inside hidden stashes to upgrade your dinosaur’s skill set until another enemy shows up. Rinse and repeat across all four main sections.

Now, I don’t mind the linear walking and easy fighting, but there’s so little variety that even with such a short campaign, it does become redundant as soon as the first completed level. Some might even feel like quitting altogether too. Plus, the game suffers from a barebones and limited multiplayer component. Both wireless local and StreetPass are featured, but not used as one would have thought. Local play allows two players to hook up and trade their collectable items, while StreetPass works almost the same way as in Super Street Fighter IV 3D. Dinosaurs from the same species who meet-up will receive a special item; different species will automatically fight for it. Yes, this game screams for a true online system. Heck, even local play would have been appreciated. Sadly, it went overlooked.



3D works rather well and gives a great sense of depth during battles. The complete absence of visual bugs, framerate drops or ghosting is also worth mentioning. Surprisingly, I saw myself fooling around with the 3D slider as often as with Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and Pilotwings. It’s not too hard on the eyes either, but that doesn’t mean you can play for three hour straight. A pleasant surprise though.


Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs offers fun gameplay but it lacks content and variety. While kids will have a blast fighting different dinosaurs and trade items with their pals, adults will have a hard time replaying the game once completed. I understand that not all games need to be 30+ hours of entertainment, but when a publisher decides to price a 3DS game $40, it better bring at least some bang for the buck. Still, the main idea behind it is great and it would be nice to see Ubisoft push the franchise beyond the simplistic nature.

+ Fun gameplay concept, but too easy + Solid visuals and animations. Surprising 3D + Local play/StreetPass feature is welcomed…
- …but not fully expanded - Short as hell. Gets quickly repetitive - Pricey experience

Final rating
6.3 / 10
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Game details
Combat Of Giants - Dinosaurs
Release date : 2011-03-27
Platform :
Publisher : Ubisoft
Developer : Ubisoft Quebec
Gameplay : Adventure

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