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Published Saturday, 12 January 2013 19:00

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Anyone planning a skydiving trip over an island in the Pacific may want to reconsider after playing Far Cry 3. What is insanity? That question that is repeatedly issued throughout the game defines every component that is featured. Characters, weapons, environments, narrative, gameplay, and the sound all create an engaging experience that must be played by everyone. What is insanity? Anyone who has yet to experience the thrill that Far Cry 3 has to provide.


Far Cry 3 begins with the departure of Jason Brody from the clutches of Vaas and his pirate thugs after witnessing the brutal death of his brother Grant. Jason, Grant, and their group of friends took off on an adventure exploring an island in the Pacific, which ultimately lead to their capture after engaging in skydiving over the island. It is at this point where Jason is all alone, unsure on exactly what to do in order to free his friends before they are sold into slavery by Vaas. Dennis, an island native who is a member of a native tribe called the Rakyat, stumbles upon Jason and offers to help him rescue his friends, but first requires his help in dealing with the pirates scattered throughout the island. The transformation of Jason from an average individual into a warrior begins at this stage. He encounters several individuals during his adventure who encourage and help him along the path to discover his true self, and his overall purpose that he has been desperately seeking. His purpose is eventually realized when he acknowledges the enjoyment of seeking out the countless enemies that populate the islands and putting an end to their existence. The combination of the visuals, sound, and gameplay add to the overall immersive experience that the game provides.

“Vaas’ continuous informative sessions detailing what insanity entails depicts his character as the embodiment of evil with no regard for loss of life. He is mainly preoccupied with acquiring riches and planning creative ways of killing those that interfere with his plans.”

The visual presentation featured in Far Cry 3 is stunning. The terrain, water, and lush foliage create a realistic island that Jason travels through during his missions. Far Cry 3 also features an internal clock, which results in the changing of day to nighttime. There is also the possibility for weather conditions to change after a period of time. Detail and texture stand out in every area that you uncover throughout the island. Weapons, vehicles, pirate encampments, and the obvious dense jungle will constantly have you momentarily halting your progress to enjoy the scenic presentation that they all have to offer. The sounds of gunfire, explosions, and enemy chatter all play a part in the game.


However, the sounds that leave a lasting impression are the ambient noises throughout the jungle, Jason’s interactions with the environments, the close proximity of wildlife, and most importantly, the voice acting by the characters, specifically Vaas and Jason. Vaas’ continuous informative sessions detailing what insanity entails depicts his character as the embodiment of evil with no regard for loss of life. He is mainly preoccupied with acquiring riches and planning creative ways of killing those that interfere with his plans. Vaas’ impeccable voice acting creates a memorable villain that should be feared. As previously noted, Jason undergoes a transformation throughout the game. At first you hear him panic for his life, his disapproval of firearms, and the overall shock of killing a person. However, as the story progresses and missions are completed, Jason becomes more familiar and excited with the weapons at his disposal, and reassures himself of the justification of cleansing the land of the scum that inhabits it. One of the best examples of this occurs during the mission where Jason is told to burn to the marijuana fields with a flamethrower. His excitement is instantly made abundantly clear as he torches the fields. Far Cry 3’s soundtrack improves the immersive experience during gameplay, which also occurs during the marijuana mission. Your approach to the fields is met with a song titled “Make It Burn Dem” by Skrillex and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley. This mission is one of the many memorable encounters featured within Far Cry 3.

Far Cry 3’s gameplay offers thrilling variety that is accomplished by having the player in charge of whether Jason Brody should continue progressing the main objective of seeking out his captured friends while helping the Rakyat reclaim their island, or explore Rook Island to hunt, locate radio towers, seek financial opportunities, and impose domination over the pirates by capturing their outposts scattered throughout the island. The abundant side quests will keep players busy for hours, not realizing how much time has passed without moving on to the next mission.


Rook Island is also populated with many types of wildlife that will try to devour you if you aren’t careful when travelling through the dense jungle. Tigers and leopards dwell within certain areas of the island and require extreme caution when exploring in order to stay alive. However, the animals tend to identify themselves by growling, or rustling through the bush, allowing the player to prepare for an immediate attack. Killing an animal will grant you skins that can then be used to craft items which will greatly benefit the player. A Path of the Hunter mission arises after capturing enemy outposts, which gives the player cash, experience, and animal skins. Packrats will definitely want to complete these missions to expand their holster, rucksack, syringe kit, and wallet to carry additional weapons, items, and cash.

Causing chaos is very enjoyable in Far Cry 3. It is even better when you have a vast selection of weapons to choose from. Your initial loadout comprises a pistol and an AK47, which is acquired from an enemy corpse after successfully clearing an enemy outpost. Weapons can be purchased at shops, or they can be acquired for free as radio towers become unlocked throughout the map, which is a smart way to motivate players to unlock them first so they can choose their weapons of destruction without opening their wallet. Personal favorites are definitely the RPG, flamethrower, and the bow and arrow. Finding an elevated position and raining down explosive arrows on an enemy outpost and vehicles is extremely satisfying.


The replayability owes it all to the variety in combat. Having the option of adjusting load-outs due to a sizable arsenal creates new experiences every time an enemy is encountered. Luring enemy soldiers into mines, or driving vehicles strapped with C4 into outposts are but only two of several hundred possibilities that are available. Approaching an enemy position by means of stealth is also a choice worth pursuing. Enemy soldiers only seem to pose a threat when encountered in numbers. Dealing with only a few at a time presents little difficulty. The several Rakyat trials scattered about Rook Island also provides an exciting momentary break from the toils of Rook Island while earning some cash and experience.

The single-player campaign is definitely where Far Cry 3 shines, but the multiplayer modes can be seen as the icing on the cake. Even though they offer little in terms of ground-breaking gameplay, it still has the fast-paced, in your face combat that most shooter fans are looking for. The competitive mode functions like other online shooters, where players are able to level-up and unlock additional weapons and upgrades. The cooperative mode offers a more enjoyable experience where up to four players can work together to complete missions and raise hell. Several comical instances will keep players entertained while killing the endless amount of enemies. The inclusion of the map editor also gives you the ability to create your own maps, but you might find yourself spending many hours before your work of art is complete.


Final Focus

Far Cry 3 takes you on an adventure that explores the violence that is a daily occurrence on Rook Island. The initial paradise atmosphere is quickly turned into a fight for survival and an attitude that anything must be done in order to save the lives of Jason’s friends. Characters on Rook Island are brought to life with their qualities and it is difficult to forget their actions that impact Jason as he moves about the island. The single-player campaign is among the best that has seen the light of day in the past few years. While the missions can seem to be simplistic at times, the combination of music, using vehicles to arrive at the destination, and the choice of weapons to use from your arsenal, creates a unique experience every time. If the idea of causing chaos with an RPG, flamethrower, and C4 catches your attention, then Far Cry 3 should be the next game you play. You will not be disappointed.



+ Engaging story + Character development on a perfected scale + Variety of weapons and methods to kill enemies + Stunning visual design + Freedom to explore Rook Island


- AI is only difficult in large groups - The downfall of certain enemy leaders could have been more rewarding

Final rating
9.8 / 10
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Game details
Far Cry 3
Release date : 2012-12-04
Platform :
Publisher : Ubisoft
Developer : Ubisoft Montreal
Gameplay : Shooter

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